New version of Peptide Companion, software for every peptide chemist. Calculates properties of peptides (mass spectroscopy fragments, elemental analysis, predicted orders of HPLC elution) and predicts difficulty of the synthesis of synthesis. Will be available as an application for your (Android) cell phone.

  • Coming soon!

You can use the free Excel spreadsheet for calculation of molecular weights, prediction of difficult couplings and HPLC retention times. Clicking this link will download the Excel book, which you can install on your computer. Then just follow the instructions in the spreadsheets. Make sure that your version of Excel is using decimal point and not decimal comma! Any problems - contact us... This spreadsheet version is intended to become a community project. If you feel that something should be added to this spreadsheet, just ask and we will try to implement it. Or even better, if you already have written something which may be beneficial to other peptide enthusiasts, let us know, send it to us and we will incorporate it to the spreadsheet collection. The newest version of the project will be always available on this website. You will always be credited for your work.