A plethora of peptide synthesizers is comercially available from multiple companies. However, a synthesizer which would combine simplicity, flexibility and economy of synthesis was still missing. Our solution combines the elegance and flexibility of synthesis in (potentially disposable) plastic syringes with efficiency of centrifugal liquid removal and simplicity of liquid handling resulting in very inexpensive completely automatic instrument. Synthesizer (see "Drawing" or "Photo") can handle simultaneously up to 18 10ml (see "Photo") or 33 2ml reactors (syringes) (see "Rotor"). Reactants can be added directly to syringes, or the preactivation can be performed (see "Preactivator") in preactivation chambers. It can be easily modified for the larger scale synthesis (up to 10g of polymeric carrier in a single reactor - see "One Vessel"). Any individual syringe can be at any step of the synthesis removed from the synthesizer and individual operation can be performed manually. Any type of solid support can be used and both Fmoc and Boc synthesis can be applied in this machine since the synthetic compartment is separated from the environment and can be kept under constant flow of nitrogen.

Synthesizer predicts difficulties of individual peptide couplings and suggests appropriate synthetic protocols (multiple couplings, extended times for couplings, combination of reagents...)

Synthesizer can be upgraded for automatic one-bead-one-compound library synthesis. Concept of the synthesizer and individual components are subjects of the patent application (EP 17206537.7).

This synthesizer is globally distributed under a name TRITON by AAPPTec, Louisville, KY, USA.

This simple and affordable synthesizer can be a workhorse for peptide synthesis in any laboratory. It is already being used in several laboratories. If you would be interested to serve as a beta testing site, please, contact us.